Humboldt Forum
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Site Museum

History of the site

“Prussian palace”, marching grounds, Palace of the Republic, cultural construction site – it has always been a scene of politics and therefore a scene of constant change.

Many Berlin visitors know nothing about it. Many Berliners, on the other hand, have lived through its past history. The History of the Site of the Humboldt Forum Foundation speaks to everyone. It visualises traces of history, poses questions, points out relationships and stimulates discussions.

Under the direction of Dr. Alfred Hagemann, in cooperation with a great number of partners, the team is currently planning a Permanent Exhibition with an area of 1,500 square metres that will integrate parts of the original palace basement into the museum. It will open, together with the Humboldt Forum, in 2019. The Site Museum is already organising events, publications, questionnaires, cooperative initiatives and research projects.

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