Humboldt Forum

Berlin and the World – The Berlin Exhibition in the Humboldt Forum

The exhibition envisions itself as an invitation to rediscover the city of Berlin. Berlin and the World will be a place for discovery, communication and participation, a place that enables its visitors to examine questions relating both to the present and future, all set against the backdrop of history. Following the core Humboldt theme of exploring the world as a whole, the exhibition will focus on the links between Berlin and the rest of the world. Berlin will exemplify the metropolis, with all its diversity and constant processes of exchange with other countries, regions and cities. Visitors will realize that globalization can give rise to autonomous as well as repressive developments. The exhibition on the first floor of the Humboldt Forum will be divided into sections focusing on selected topics and supplemented by activities where visitors can get involved. The exhibition, spread over 4,000 square metres, will examine issues such as migration, war, fashion, revolution, free spaces, borders, entertainment as well as world thinking from various perspectives.

The Berlin Exhibition in the Humboldt Forum is a co-production of Kulturprojekte Berlin and the Stadtmuseum Berlin. The concept and contents of the exhibition are created by a team under the leadership of Paul Spies, Chief Curator of the State of Berlin in the Humboldt Forum and Director of the Stadtmuseum Berlin. Kulturprojekte Berlin is producing the exhibition and is responsible for its PR and outreach work.

Paul Spies, chief curator for the State of Berlin in the Humboldt Forum

"The city of Berlin is the fabric of our story and the stories of others. Our goal is to encourage curiosity towards the rest of the world."

The Berlin Senate appointed Paul Spies chief curator for the State of Berlin in the Humboldt Forum in February 2016. He was previously director of the Amsterdam Museum and built the Amsterdam Heritage Museums network. He studied art history and classical archaeology at the University of Amsterdam.


Berlin-Ausstellung im Humboldt Forum
c/o Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH
Klosterstr. 68
10179 Berlin